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The revolutionary way to buy and sell your home.
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Homes not houses

A house is property, but a home is uniquely personal – a place full of emotion and memories. We help people move freely so they can live their best lives, wherever “home” happens to be.

Real Estate Industry Real Estate Industry careers
Freedom first

We promote your listing through our website, and all marketing. We will bring buyers through our realtor network. Simply pay us buyer commission if applicable.

Real Estate Industry Real Estate Industry careers
Every day matters

We operate with urgency in pursuit of delivering the best customer experience in the industry. There’s no room for hesitation – we count the days with the goal to use less.

We‘re focused on providing an amazing experience.

Our modern approach is designed around one thing: you. We provide a personal, hands-on approach to buying and selling homes – even making the process fun. We’re shaking up the real estate industry and delivering an exceptional customer experience for the on-demand consumer.
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Meet The Leadership Team

We're as committed to building the best new home search platform as we are to building the best work environment for the RedBuyers family. We invest in it, update it and nurture it, just as you’d do with your dream home.
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Santhosh Mathew Co-Founder & CEO

Santhosh has over 17 years in real estate industry with passion of quality selling. Santhosh was founder of Team Alliance reality, a highly successful team concept brokerage. He was a Top brand realtor in Toronto, and he was among 1% Top Team of realtors. He holds Engineering degree and Home Staging certification.

Real Estate Industry careers
Sanjeev Bansal C.E.T. Broker of Record

Sanjeev understood at an early age the value of money and how to leverage it and use it to create wealth within the real estate industry. He has bottled these skills and brought them to life by sharing his knowledge and skills to help his clients achieve financial freedom within the real estate marketplace.

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Francis Rodricks Chief Product Officer

Francis started his career back in 1998. He has spent the last 14 years as a real estate agent with top renowned firms. He brings to the table extensive knowledge and experience along with the right understanding of the local housing market.

Give Your Customers a Path to Their Dream Home

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