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Things to know about iBuying

Things to know about iBuying

Things to know about iBuying

Leave behind all the frustrations of selling the home to a buyer & skip all those time-consuming steps to go through while selling your home. Choose iBuying, the only faster hassle free way of selling & buying a home.

So let's go through things to know about iBuying.

1.How to begin the process of selling a home to an iBuyer?

The first step for the seller, to begin with, is to log in to an iBuyer website & to write basic details or information about the house. This includes home features to upgrades or renovations done to the house. Once you enter all the details, the company makes you an offer within 24 hours. Home value is evaluated using Automated Valuation Models (AVMs).

Once the offer is made, it is up to the owner to accept or not to accept it. If accepted, the deal will be closed within a week or any time fixed by the seller.

2.Buying a property from an iBuyer.

Once completing proper repairs or renovations to the house bought from a seller, iBuyer would wait for the right time to sell the property in the market.

Buyers can search these properties on the iBuyer website, where basic details to pictures of the house will be provided. If interested, the buyer can visit the property without any appointment & then make an offer to buy it on the iBuyer website.

If any damages are found while the visit, the buyer can request a repair. After a proper review of all those offers made by potential buyers, iBuyer would choose one & sent a purchasing agreement to the buyer. Once the agreement is signed, the buyer can fix a closing date within 10 to 60 days.

3. Advantages of selling the home to an iBuyer

  • The traditional method of selling, with the help of a real estate agent, can take even months to find a buyer & close the deal, while selling the house to iBuyer can be completed within a few days.

  • No need for staging or open house for selling a home to an iBuyer. You can complete the deal easily online.

  • The seller can choose the closing date that is convenient for them.

  • Once the offer accepted by the seller, iBuyer won't back out from the deal for sure.

5.Choosing the right iBuyer.

Let us check out the list of few things to remind you before choosing an iBuyer.

  • Type of properties they buy.

  • Area or city they focus on.

  • How long they have been in the market.

  • Their business strategy.

  • Fees Transparency.

  • Reviews or ratings on their business.

Always choose what's best for you.

Need to sell your home without any hassle? Choose redbuyers.com, for an instant cash offer, safe selling & best assistance.

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