Benefits of Investing with RedBuyers

There are 3 Options to consider when buying using RedBuyers.
Buy 1
01 Become an

You can purchase homes through our iBuyer program easily and without any hidden fees. Simply access our iBuying database, select your preferred property, and transfer ownership of the property to your name.

(ibuying database: Our special database of homes that we currently have purchased and the transaction is not closed yet. This database can be accessed by buyers who register with us and have buying approval.)

Buy 2
02 Partnership

You can purchase a property with RedBuyers from our ibuying database. We will handle all the hassle of renovating, reselling and managing the property. Thus, when selling the property, the profit will be equally shared after the cost. Split the risk and share the reward.

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03 Group Real Estate
Investment funds

We are offering real estate investment funds. These group funds will be invested into the iBuying deal properties. You have the option to invest your funds into the best properties. We will manage the properties, and get you min 15-20% ROI.

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Hi. You can become our iBUYER

Tell us about your information, and we will give your finance approval within 48 hours.

How it Works

Become an iBuyer or Partnership iBuying
Get financially approved

Provide your essential information and our mortgage partners will give you approval within 48 hours.

Access our iBuying properties

Through our iBuyer program you will be given access to our iBuying database, which lists available homes at the unbeatable prices.

View and select the property you want to purchase

Browse and compare properties using the provided home’s details (price, square feet, etc), photos, and virtual showings.

Make your offer

Place an offer on your selected home. You have the option to inspect the house before you finalize the deal. You can close the deal in your name just like you buy any home.

Closing the sale with our partnership

At the time of closing you will be added as a partner if you are buying in a partnership program, and you will become an equal shareholder of the property with RedBuyers.

What happens after the purchase with Partnership?

For Investor clients, depending on the market and condition of the home. We may remodel and sell the house for a higher value and profit will be shared equally after the expenses. If profit cannot be made immediately, we can hold the house and sell it at a later date. We will handle all the hassle of renovating, reselling and managing the property.

If you are buying with Partnership, and planning to live there, please see options in our FAQ’s for full details.

Let’s Start With iBuying Approval

Redbuyer Testimonial
Redbuyer Testimonial

“As an investor an investor we able to pick the best deals we want without waiting for different realtors to get us an investment deal. RedBuyers modern platform delivers investors best on the promise of access, transparency and greater liquidity. It’s unlike any broker or firm I have seen in the past. I am very happy we came across RedBuyers.”

Bilal Hammandi
- Investor Buyer -


Why we sell these homes to a buyer before we close the purchase?

We are an iBuying company and we want buyers to be part of our buying team so that we can purchase more homes.

Partnership buying is aimed for investors who don’t want any hassle of renovations and reselling. We take on the hassle and the profits will be shared.

Yes. You pay mortgage plus TMI. The ownership of the house will be in partnership with us. We can either sell in the future or share the profits, or you can buy it from us fully with 5% value increments per year. Partnerships will be up to 3 years maximum.