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Tell us about your home and we will provide you with an offer within 24 hours, it is that simple! We may need to visit your home to evaluate if we are unable to price your home with the information you provided.

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You approve our offer

If you approve our offer we will send you an agreement of purchase to sign.

On-site inspection

We will send our professional to do an on-site inspection to look at your house condition. If any repair is required, either you will have to pay the cost or repair it yourself.

Closing the deal - Sell to RedBuyers

Prior to closing, we will showcase your property to our investors, and transfer it to them. If we are not able to find an investor, we will pay the agreed upon price and buy your home at the time of the closing. Now you will be able to move freely to the next chapter of your life.

  • List With Us OR Buy First , Sell Later with our Cash Offer.The cash offer is valid for up to 65 days. No obligation to accept.
  • List with usWe will try to get you a higher price. Our listing services are superior to traditional realtor services, and our aim is to get best value for your home.
  • Buy first and Sell later Our cash offer acts as a temporary replacement for a traditional sale of your current home, allowing you to get firm financing to buy your next home without needing to sell first. In Both options, we will buy your current home for our cash offer in case the market changes and we are not able to get higher than our cash offer.

Why RedBuyers is Better

How our cash offer Works.
Sell To RedBuyers
  • Competitive cash offer in 24 hours
  • No listing, prep work, or showings
  • Skip the repair work and deduct the costs
  • Choose any close date from 60-90 days
Traditional Home Sale
  • Risk of buyer financing fall-through
  • Hours of prep work and home showings
  • Manage repairs yourself
  • Uncertain closing timeline
How we make you a competitive offer
  • 1. Review comparable homes
  • 2. Account for unique features
  • 3. We will provide you with the best competitive price
Transparent pricing, no hidden fees
The service charge enables us to give you a stress-free sale and expert support. Repairs and closing costs are comparable to what you’d pay in a traditional sale. All three costs are deducted at close so you pay nothing out of pocket.
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What is the benefit of selling to RedBuyers?

If you looking to sell quickly, without any hassle of the sale procedure like renovations, showing, open houses and negotiations iBuyer is a good option. This is a no obligation offer - you consider the offer only if you like our offer.

Your home value is evaluated carefully by a team of real estate experts who specialize in the market. RedBuyers is able to provide our customers with data-driven and competitive offers. We provide our best effort to give a fair offer.

Yes. Home values will often change based upon market activity, competition and other factors. Our offers will usually expire in four days from the date of the offer.

The team works hard to make sure that our initial offer is fair and a competitive market price. However, if you feel that we’ve missed something about your home that affects our offer – we want to know. Please feel free to contact your Redbuyers associate and we’ll be happy to re-evaluate your property.

You officially accept our offer by signing the purchase agreement. Once RedBuyers, and the sellers sign the agreement, we are officially under contract. RedBuyers makes it easy to sign your documents online using an electronic signature

Yes. RedBuyers will perform on-site inspection of your home within 15 days of the signed agreement. Typically The Sellers need to cover the cost of inspection. The purpose of inspection is to verify the condition of the home, and identify repairs that will need to be fixed. Cost of the repair will either be deducted from the offer price or seller will repair with a professional prior to closing.

We charge a service fee of 3.9%. We allow you to skip the hassles of listing your home however, once we buy and list your home, we’ll need to pay all the normal transaction costs that come with selling a home—including a commission to a buyer’s agent (normally 2.5%), listing agent commission, holding costs, remodelling fee, maintenance fees, taxes and other costs to list and market the home.

Typical closing will be 60-90 days.

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