Sell to RedBuyers (Example)
RedBuyers Offer $600,000
Service fee * (3.9%) $26,442
Sales Preparation Cost. (Renovations, Staging & more) $0
Repair Requested by RedBuyers. TBD
Net Cash to Seller $573,558
*Service fee through our affiliated brokerages based on transferring the property to investors, or additional 3% closing fee applies if RedBuyers or its incorporations buys and closes the property.
List with RedBuyers (Example)
Sales Price $600,000 to $650,000
Total Commission (3.9% ) $26,442 to $28,645
Sales Preparation Cost (2%) (Renovations, Staging & more) $12,000 to $13,000
Repair Requested by Buyers TBD
Net to Seller $561,558 to $608,335
What you get with RedBuyers
  • Free offer in just a few clicks
  • Skip the showings.
  • No double mortgage or housing overlap
  • Flexible close date
  • Optional late checkout program
Traditional Home Sale
  • Our Cash offer as back up guaranteed Sales Assurance
  • We provide superior selling services, Staging, HD photos, and more
  • Local Agent to support all the way
  • Technology based marketing support.
  • No obligation to accept our offer. You accept offer if you are satisfy with price
The above example is based on average seller experiences at RedBuyers and is not representative of the exact fees you would pay in either selling to RedBuyers Investors or selling directly to RedBuyers or listing your home traditionally. RedBuyers typically transfer the property before closing to individual investors. If RedBuyers not able to find an investor or not able to transfer your property to investors, then RedBuyer or RedBuyers group of Incorporations will buy your home. In this situations there will be an additional closing fee of 3% will apply. This covers the transaction costs of buying your home, and the prep cost of listing and selling your home after you move out. RedBuyers associate can help you understand typical closing costs in your area. Our Service charge varies for each property areas and property values and can range from 3.9 % - 5 %.