Partnership Selling Program

How it Works
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Tell us about your home and we will provide you with an offer within 24 hours, it is that simple!

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Remodel your home

We remodel your home with our expertise to enhance its value. Our design team provides estimation, and once you approve it, our project management team will work on renovations and remodeling to create best possible value.

List your home

After the remodeling renovation, we will take care of staging, photography, and marketing before list your home. We sell home and get you the best price.

Share the profit

Whatever the extra profit we get from our initial cash offer, we will share the profit after deducting the expense.

Benefits of Partnership Selling Program

Sell your home with Redbuyers Partnership.
  • CertaintyBe assured that you will sell your home with our cash offer. Your stress of not selling is over.
  • FlexibilityAn opportunity to test the market to get top dollars with RedBuyers. Redbuyes take care of all renovations and remodeling. As a seller you will have less worries!
  • Win-win situation It is win-win for both RedBuyers and Sellers. If Rebuyers is able to get higher money for your home, both parties make a higher profit.
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What is partnership selling?

We provided a firm offer price with our iBuying program. If the seller is looking for more money, the seller can use our partnership program. After you agree on an iBuying price, we will remodel your home with our expertise to enhance its value with no additional cost. Any profit after selling will be shared 50/50 with you after the expense.

The seller can terminate the sale by paying us our cost of remodeling and 50% service fee (50% service fee for our professional management of selling preparation.)

Realtor service is the traditional way of selling using a brokerage and realtor. With our realtor service we provide a guaranteed price with our iBuying program. Seller can have a certainty of sale with our realtor service.

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